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Horatia Durant Documents Horatia Durant The Horatia Durant Memorial Prize was proven in 1984 in-memory of the first President of the Raglan Local History Team. The’Reward’ is granted annually over a issue of local heritage for an affordablepaper.com article competition’s champion. The competition is open to youngsters joining Raglan Junior College. A significant contribution has been offered by the essays to our neighborhood together with delivering a chance for teenagers to review our local history. Horatia Durant winners, 1992: Raise: Mrs Cooper, Mr Dally (headteacher), Anna Tribe (RLHG Leader), Mr Curtis (Fair Oaks), Mrs Evans (Tutor), Jean Hancock (RLHG), Margaret Williams (RLHG): Front: Ella Tiny, Jon Elms, James Brown Unfortunately some of the early documents are lost but we proudly discuss our Primary School Children’s excellent work. The essays are prepared into themes and include a transcription in addition to both the original dissertation. Click here for more information about Durant Raglan Local History Team: [1] 2014 – We had a fender of Heritage Stories from Raglan Faculty this year. Our recent Raglan VC Institution structures will undoubtedly be destroyed in our FRESH Raglan VC Faculty and 2015 has been created on Road.

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The Horatia Composition was opened TO ANY OR ALL the youngsters in Raglan Principal being a summer project. Your aim was to report as much of the history of education in Raglan as possible as a way to make certain that, when we leave our current buildings we are able to preserve hold of just as much heritage, so when several memories of our institution as possible. The youngsters have now been fantasic! Every-year party participated inside the task (an overall total of 133 records). General part was taken by 74% of the individuals! The 23 champions were declared. These include: All of the tasks will soon be employed by the institution within their local heritage reports. The 2014 winners are as follows. Congratulations to all!

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